Friday, June 24, 2011

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Near the North Pole a beautiful magical array of lights display themselves in the sky. Usually in March/April and August/September these red and green lights shine and dance. This is caused when the sun releases dust particles into the atmosphere and then the Earth's magnetic field pulls these particles towards Earth. They then react with the Earth's gases (emissions of photons from ionized/excited nitrogren atoms and oxygen atoms) creating a brilliant light show of green and red. Magnetic energy and wind makes them move and stretch across the sky.

Although named after the Roman Goddess Aurora, Goddess of Dawn, it is no coincidence that the Inuits (who inhabit the North Pole area) refer to Aurora Borealis as the "Dance of the Spirits" since the stretched bright green does resemble an eerie spirit-like appearance. Also, many have witnessed it's ability to move according to a person's movement as they walk close to it (such as my good friend Erwin). It magically moved in unisense with his movement. Could the Inuit be right? Could Aurora Borealis be a form of limbo where souls reside as they wait to be re-born into a new body? If so, what will happen to those souls when the North and South poles shift?

(The fact that Aurora Borealis consists of red and green colours is also quite interesting since it is located near the North Pole. Could this all relate to the myth of Santa Claus since he is said to reside at the North Pole and employs pagan elves who wear green and red?)

The South Pole has a similar phenomenon called Aurora Australias. The challenge is being able to witness either of these since both are located near the two poles which are very remote areas. Thus it is easier to enjoy the splendor in images which can be found online.

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