In her book "Oracle Exposed" Oracle Laura opens up her incredibly bizarre world to fully explain everything that is involved in being a Psychic, Medium, Healer and Psychic Detective, from seeing ghosts, living in haunted houses, talking to the dead, working with the police on hundreds of homicide cases and healing people of life threatening illness including diabetes and cancer. She exposes her magical life in a way that will shock you, scare you and amaze you!


From: "Oracle Exposed": Chapter 5: Magic!

The advantage of being a Psychic who is popular and has lots of friends, family, clients and fans is that I have had them all witness first hand my abilities as a Psychic, Medium, Healer and yes, Magician. I never used to think of myself as a Magician until my Spirit Guides kept guiding me to the “Magician” card in my tarot decks. Most of my life I never used tarot cards. Being able to accurately sense everything I did not find the need for the tarot. However in my late 30’s when I started to realize I had Spirit Guides (who had first visited me in my childhood) they asked me to purchase tarot decks as a way to communicate with them. I had at first assumed my Guide was informing me that he is a Magician but he later explained that I am in fact the Magician and because I was born on Sept 8; the birthdate of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis. Thus the messages about magic began.

It started with repetitive messages of numbers. They would send me to look at the time on my alarm clock radio. It was always the same series of numbers. It happened so often that I realized it could be no coincidence (as a Psychic I learned very early on that there is no such thing as “coincidence”. Everything happens for a reason). The messages about numbers soon increased so much so that even my daughter started to experience it (she too is psychic). She was only eleven or twelve years old at the time so it freaked her out somewhat.

Then the crows came. I began to notice them following me. One actually landed on a street sign in front of me, faced me then banged his beak hard on the sign to get me to look at it. What the sign read related to a question I had earlier, thus answering my question. Hours later I saw a mature woman feeding crows and as she saw me passing she called out to me, “Crows can communicate with us.” She said it so matter of fact as if she knew who I was. She was right, however.

When I had met a native artist in 2010 the crows became a third party messenger for us. One morning when I went to his hotel to visit him I did not know which room he was in so I just looked up at the many windows. Crows in a tree near me started to caw at me. They would not stop. So I asked them to keep cawing and to increase in volume to wake him up. They did. Minutes later he came rushing out the back door to me and asked me what all the commotion was about. He said there were crows making so much noise right outside his window that it woke him up and got his attention. I explained what I did. Having witnessed my abilities numerous times he was pleasantly amused. We used my gifts of magic many times in the five months we saw each other, sometimes being sent to each other and locating one another at our request, and when being unable to find the other being sent instead a person who very much resembled us. We often set off car alarms as we passed them. It became such a regular occurrence that we would joke about it. We could also send electrical energy thru each other’s bodies. As a man he truly benefited from my magical abilities. In the ways of love, being a magician certainly does have its perks.

When he left town I felt quite a loss. My magic companion was gone, or so I thought (more on that later).

I was sad. I thought Christmas would go smoothly. I would stay strong, I planned. Not so. So I conjured up some magic. On the night of Christmas Day I asked the Universe to send me a man who would not leave me. I specified all the things I wanted in this new man. (Did I forget to mention I had done this spell before meeting that native artist as well?) Again my request was fulfilled.  The very next day I met him.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Be careful what you ask for”? Well, I got just what I asked for and then some. It pays to read the fine print. Although he was indeed everything I asked for, he had some very unhealthy flaws (but isn’t that why they chose him to meet a magician?). One of the first things I cured him of was his Type 2 Diabetes. How did I cure it? I asked the Spirit World for the cure. I took him to a nutrition supplement store in the hopes of just finding an item which may help reduce his symptoms.  I heard my Spirit Guide tell me to ask the clerk to list those items. The clerk listed out numerous but only one stood out to me. My Guide told me to ask him about that item. So he explained to us how it works and the benefits. We bought some. I put it on everything I cooked for him, and I mean everything! Within just a few weeks his test results showed a decrease in his Diabetes and in only a couple of months the test results came back negative. There was now no trace of any Diabetes in his blood at all. His doctor was shocked. From that day on his doctor would not talk to me nor look me in the face.

It is now four years later and this man insists to me that his test results still come back as negative, showing no signs of Diabetes.

My magic did not stop there. I also cured him of his Sleep Apnea, which he insists he is more grateful for than me curing his Diabetes since he said he had “not slept for years” and to be able to finally sleep through the night now is truly a blessing.

I suppose I am most thrilled that I helped him gain the title of Chief. When I heard they were taking nominations I sensed if he ran for Chief that he would surely win. So I convinced him to. He was hesitant, assuming he would not win it, but when the votes were counted and they called him to tell him the good news the first thing he did was put down the phone and ask me, “How did you know?!” He could not believe he had won like I said he would. See, that is the thing about being a Psychic. We just know.

Shortly after he became Chief he called me and told me he needed a job. Immediately I heard my Spirit Guide tell me to walk over to my table to the tall stack of business cards I had collected and piled there. My Spirit Guide said to just randomly pull one card from within the stack. I did as he suggested and looked at the card. It was a Native Indian restaurant. I told my man on the phone and he replied, “You know, normally I would be too lazy to drop everything and leave here to rush over there, but I have seen so many times what you are capable of, so I am going to listen to you and head there now.” Within just an hour later he called back and said they gave him a job the second he walked in. He said it was like a miracle. They told him just earlier in the day their cook had suddenly quit and walked out and they needed someone to replace him pronto. They had not even put up a sign in the window yet. They even asked him how he could have possibly known since they had not told anyone yet.  He did not say and instead just explained who he was and his restaurant experience and they hired him on the spot. He then called me to thank me.

There are many other ways my magic comes in handy. From November 2014 to July 2015 I won the lottery 35 times. The first six times I won in a row, winning each time I bought a ticket. The following times I won were every second or third ticket I bought but three of those times I bought more than one ticket together and had won on most. So far they have not been very large amounts nor the jackpot but it still thrills me that I can win so often in such a short period of time. In February 2015 I also won two horse races and a couple of them won second place. As well I accurately predicted Chicago Blackhawks would win the Stanley Cup, that the Calgary Stampeders would win the football Grey Cup and who would win hockey games, including the winning scores (which a friend witnessed me accurately predicting), and some UFC fights (when I watched the UFC championship fights with a friend in 2013 he witnessed me accurately predicting each winner of all eight fights that night, including the end champion George St. Pierre). Needless to say I have always been very good at winning card games, casino games, raffles, board games, car races and most sports (much to the annoyance of men I have dated who had too much pride and ego and so hate losing to a woman).

I have other magical abilities as well. I have electromagnetism. I can adjust the static on the radio merely by placing myself (and sometimes just my hand) near it. I do not need to touch it at all (my daughter and I once tested this and noticed it only happened when I did it. When she tried, nothing happened.) I also sometimes give electric shock to people when touching them (and we are nowhere near a carpet), I burn out street lights when pass under them, drain batteries faster than the average person and I effect many types of electrical machines and computers (it is best to keep me far away from your electrical appliances).

I have learned to perfect my magic skills by creating manifestation spells. The most magical one happened to me just recently. My Spirit Guide told me to walk down to the ocean to do a wishing spell under the stars and by the ocean. He sent me to a particular spot. I looked up and saw my favorite star constellation which relates to my birthdate of Sept 8. I did as he suggested and make my wish. As soon as I finished speaking the last word a shooting star shot across the centre of that star constellation of Orion heading from left to right. I was thrilled! I knew it meant my wish would be granted. It was....

Oracle Laura's BOOK


Hello! I did finish your book, I found it captivating, very interesting and very thought provoking! You have endured much in your physical life and your spiritual life...and yet you maintain a positive attitude and continue to help others that enter your life...commendable !! Thank you very much for sharing your book with me....its opened my eyes to a part of life so rarely understood. Thank you again.

Tom Harnos, Field Officer at Government

Dear Laura, I want to thank you so much that you are helping people. And you are using your gifted powers to help people. Your kindness is not as simple as it looks. You have had so much in your life and if any other person was in your place he would have give up of everything! But you are so strong, you rose up and you do the opposite of what done to you. Thank you!

tfg kjgh

Hi Lorena ! I read chapter 1 and chapter 33 of your book sorry but I cant read a book in order that is just me , and I really love chapter 33 it makes me think a lot about everything in my life , its so meaningful and deep I love it , I will continue reading your book and honestly this will be my first book I ever read with interest .

I'm still working on it and I love it so far got chapter 3 and 4 read and I just like the way you put all the words together make kind of get in the picture there feel like I'm living it or seeing it in person, I just don't see how a beautiful lady like u don't have a guy that can appreciate your intelligence and all of your beauty.

Juan Valdivia

I only have got a couple of chapters done, but what I have read so far has been very interesting and well written, so far it's already opened up a new view on you and what your life must be like. What I have read so far also brings me back to my days in the police I am excited to continue the read, and give you an honest feedback when I am done... Not that you need my feedback, I am sure you have already had some amazing feedback!

Tom Harnos

Thank you... I've skimmed through your book and it sounds great. You've certainly discovered what most can't ...How to truly be happy and secure within yourself ... Great Respect for you for that. Have a great holiday weekend.

Mike Carr

Hi Oracle,  I just finished reading your book. It was very eye opening, also something I can apply to my life. You are an amazing women. Oracle, it was a smooth reading book. As I said certain things will stay with me I believe forever. Where do you get your inspiration? You should keep going! After the book I started reading some of your blog posts, things you say and talk about was never in my interest or beliefs. Now it is a whole another story. Especially the way you express things. Spirituality, being natural, living to fullest, being pure, satisfaction, and pleasure. Life is what you make out of it. Best,  Baha

Bahadir Senel

i have begun reading your book, it is very interesting, you lead a very interesting life. Do you ever wish you didn't see and hear things?

Ron Stewart

I been reading this book that Laura King wrote. It's about her life and stuff. She a copy of it now I can't put down my phone I'm stuck reading her book. She is a very interesting and fascinating woman. It's crazy how someone can have so much ability to do things and she uses it to help people. She is so true to the heart. And I'm not the type to read books or anything but this one has to be my first and favorite by far. If anyone is interested in a book about a woman and her life of learning and living with special abilities u must read Laura King's book about her life.

Judy Rogers

Thanks Laura! I found your book fascinating!

Lee Durham

I read the book, so fascinating!!!, thank you for sharing, I connected with many things within it.
Dion A.

Still reading up book when I have a break from Lil man. LOVE IT!! I 
feel like I relate to u so much with chapter 9 and 8 and especially with the beating and rape and u hit it right on the mark with the boyfriends how they r. OMG I just can't win for losing with that lol if u read me u can see lol. But I love it. And growing up its like we had the same kinda life.

Judy R.
Hi Laura,  I read your book last night. I've been in that cycle of abuse. I'm actually stuck living with my life long and childhood abuser... But trying my best to finally leave early next year and get away.   Also, I felt like you were writing part of my life in your book. Of course there were differences but wow I was just like.... That sounds like me. Especially the Seven Up part. The last time I played that game was grade 5 and we called it Heads up seven up. It was my favourite game. I love winning at stuff.   Anyways, I'm glad we connected. 


Hi Laura, Enjoyed the book yesterday. Have a great weekend 


Loving the book! Thanks!

John T.
5.0 out of 5 stars Oracle Exposed is an exceptional read! Author, Lorena Jensen (Oracle Laura) imparts information that can only be known and shared by someone who is capable of occupation in the space and time of the various spirit realms she speaks of. Her explanations of what many find unexplainable are laid out in simple and easy to understand language. Her openness and clear words about her personal experiences are both poignant and insightful. Anyone who has questions about the life and experiences of a Psychic and Medium will absolutely love this book. Thank you Oracle Laura for your labor of love, and the sharing of your gifts in yet another way-by making your gifts comprehensible to the mind of ordinary beings who have asked questions about the dimension which co-exist to our physical world. Your being among us to provide answers is a special gift to us all.

Samuel E.

I'm glad you wrote your book. I loved it.

Flo D.

I like to scan through books first and found myself very intrigued. Later I'll let you know which chapter I read first. I then went to the beginning and the intro from your daughter speaks volumes to the legacy you have and will leave. Hearing your daughter speak went straight to my heart, for I am most proud of my own daughter. As I gain more understanding of you the person, I will then better understand your work. Thanks again for sharing.

Timothy P A.

I can't wait to learn from you! Meeting you has become an adventure for me. I have become ravenous to learn more. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. Many answers and even more questions.

Michael H.

Oracle Laura, I am up to chapter 9 (Time Travel). A lot of the things you wrote scare the Hell out of me. In any event, I believe the best thing to do is see you in person for a reading, but it appears that may not be possible. Do you use Skype? 

Blessings, K.

I read this, fantastic ! Big congrats !!!


Mrs Laura I'm already on chapter 4 it's crazy me and u lived a life a lot alike in some ways with the abuse and rape and etc starting from my childhood.  I was wondering why I felt so connected to you and so far I see why. I just wanted to let you know that so far it's an incredible book and I will continue to read it. I'm already hooked on your ability and how much u amaze me with things. You are truly blessed and very good at what u do.

Judy R.
Hi I was wondering how could I get a copy of your book. I follow u on Facebook and been following you for a long time. I think you are a very fascinating person inside and out. Some days I check my page just to see and read your thoughts and posts. You have such a awesome and special gift that i have never seen in anyone before and the love and respect and the care you put into helping others in need of answers. I find that so awesome. The best part about it ur never wrong and I never know what you will come up with next. I would also like to see about have a reading from you if you can spare any of your time. Hope to hear from you soon. Keep it up and I hope u and ur highlander all the love and happiness life can give.. xx

Judy R.
Congratulation Ms. Oracle Laura, i read it, it's wonderful and excellent, All the very best for your future works.


Good morning sweet Oracle Laura! I hope you had a wonderful night and an incredible sleep. I wanted to let you know that I finished your book and all I can say is WOW! You are such an amazing woman! I am so enthralled by you. I find all your experiences, premonitions and fore sights are mind boggling and I'd absolutely love to hear about much more sometime, if you ever wanted to talk. I wish I could remember my dreams because, I had a dream about you last night. I'm not sure why or if it's just because I had finished reading your book last night and I went to bed in awe thinking about you. I have had my own "experiences" of "something" attaching to me giving me heavy unnerving feelings when I enter certain places. I have a spirit in the house where I am now, he's friendly and doesn't bother me but lets me know he's present every now and again. AND, while I worked as a Paramedic in Vancouver on the grounds to the psychiatric hospital. That station is haunted. I'm certain it is. I know the Ambulance station on the grounds just East of the hospital is haunted. From hearing voices coming from the kitchen and upstairs when everyone was is one room ... foot prints heard walking around upstairs when no one was upstairs. ... to all ambulances being out on calls and someone coming back and having windows open, tvs and / or radios on etc ... . It was kind if cool. But those were the profound cases that everyone noticed. Anyway, I hope you don't mind me sharing. Have a wonderful day.

Mike L.

Wow there is so much in there.

Firstly, what a life you have had! It does not matter how this book is written it will only be understood to a degree by only the people who can or are willing to. It sure makes one think and I can relate to a lot. I believe your experience to be true. I must admit I scanned through the last pages quickly and slowed down towards the end.

Thank you


Oracle I got your book, I think I will read this faster than I thought just by reading the start. WOW.


Oracle Exposed is a fascinating read. I've never read or been exposed to someone with these type of capabilities. You seem like an amazing lady. Do you ever get to CO? All the best

Joe D.

Good Morning Oracle! I wanted to say hi, good morning and I'm 11 chapters in on your book and I must say, WOW! There are parts so far that has actually brought tears to my eyes. You are such an amazing woman. And I feel so lucky to have connected with you! I look forward to reading the last half of the book and hopefully having the opportunity to get to know you much more. Enjoy your day sweetheart!

Mike L.

Good book. Interesting read. What I liked was that so many topics were discussed, what I didn't like were so many topics were discussed. I could read a whole book on each one of the topics. I like the ghost and communicating with the dead the most. I would like to read a book in which you give a full description of how or why you think you got these abilities.

Jeff H.

A beautiful book. I skimmed through it but picked up some nice things along the way. So what's with the Native American soulmate? I will read more thoughly next week. Peace.

Tom B.

I have recently completed reading Oracle Exposed and found it to be an exceptional read. Written in easy to understand language where the unexplainable is explained with clarity, poignancy, and even touches of humor. The information provided by Oracle Laura solidly convinces one of the reality that a spirit dimension does co-exist to our world, and that she does navigate between the two. I highly recommend Oracle Exposed as it does provide wonderfully written answers to critical questions of the unexplained.

Samuel Elam

Wow! I LOVED it  ...a documentary on you and yours skills would be something I'd like to see.

Cole M.

Hi Oracle Laura,

I have read through to chapter 13 so far and have really received answers to many questions I have had. I don't quite know what has given me this sudden thirst to know more about the gifts that you have, but I am really happy to have learned a person such as yourself is here. Thank you for your communications to me without knowing who I am (maybe). I love the book from what I have read so far. So sorry about the abuse you have endured. You have such an Angelic face. You would never think this has been a part of your journey. Also, I love the Star Trek line.

I plan to forward the fee tomorrow for the phone reading. Please confirm when you receive, and though it will be difficult to wait until that day, my hope is that we will be able to arrange something within your time frame on that day.

Thank you, Oracle Laura

Sam E.


So far, I love it!

Murray M.


Hi Oracle Laura My Dear Friend. Thank you for the wild as well as incredible life story that you have shared with me my friend. You are so cool! I have been reading your book and had to stop and just say thank you for your strength to carry on and help others. 

Respectfully yours, 

Thomas B.

i loved your book I love you i wish i could be more like you and i am going to buy your (next) book for sure keep up the GREAT WORK GOD BLESS YOU ty  Oracle one day i have got to have you read for me GOD BLESS cant wait for next book.

Kathy E.

I like what you wrote on time travel, and am quite intrigued with the idea that we live in the past....which is why one such as a your self can see in the future........very wonderful read so far.

Matthew D.

This book explains how things are viewed from psychic medium perspective. There are many detailed colorful episodes. I recommend this to everyone who wants to see this world beyond our physical limit.

Baku Matsumoto

Wow amazing  Your story is so interesting and intense. I was pulled right into it. I had to stop reading, the images were stirring up emotions and memories from my past, which i might add is similar in many regards to yours. I would like to have a hard copy when you get them printed please.


Hi Laura,

I read your book this weekend because I couldn't put it down. Having been in Law Enforcement for 42 years, I hate criminals. There is no need for criminal conduct in our society. Your book was fascinating in the surreal experiences that you have had being a medium between this world and the next dimension. I have had some weird experiences in my life that I am still puzzled over. I have seen ghosts in the past and an entity that did not resemble a ghost in any way, shape or form. I have also seen flying saucers when I was in the boy scouts camping out in the wild along with when I was in the Army stationed on a base out in the forests. I have read about 200 books on witchcraft, voodoo, religions, mythology and subjects like telekinesis. I was trying to find out what I had experienced. Recently because of my condition I have read a lot of books by neurologists, nurses and medical scientists. Some of the neurologists believe that the mind is part of the brain by not necessarily part of the physical part. That would coincide with your description of being able to contact people who have died but still exist in a different dimension. I read several books about re-incarnation and near death
experiences lately too which are all fascinating like your book. I think you could have added a couple hundred pages to your book explaining what a lot of those topics cover in more detail but it was a good book. Thank you. Your picture gave me the initial impression that you exist in the living world and the here-after. The shade on the right side of your face takes out a lot of detail but you are lovely both in body but very much so, in mind. I believe beauty is more than skin deep. Live long and prosper.


Just started your book. Only on chapter 6 but loving it! Great stories!!!

Flo D.

I thank you for sharing your experiences in a way that really helps people to visualize thing's happening, the range of emotion's that match the events, and your being as a medium. Your book is very insightful.

Dan W.

Hi Laura,

I've read the first two chapters and LOVE the book so far. It's very insightful, well written and shows a different side of your life that many didn't know. I'll be reading the rest of it tonight and submitting a (another) written review shortly after.

I'm curious, is the book being released on Kobo, Amazon etc? if so, I'll write a review there as well, once it's online!

Thanks, and Congrats on an amazing book!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday, and amazing weekend,

Brian M.

Dear Laura

I enjoy reading your book now.  Haven't finished it yet. Just quick personal feedback  to you.

The column you titled as "Magic" could be replaced as Curing Type 2 Diabetes !!! which may call more reader attention. Due to the high medical cost in USA, this kind of topic would be highly appreciated in USA.

I prob put my review on facebook in one month or so.

Simply Brilliant.

Take care, and thank you so much.

Baku M.

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