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Oracle Laura on Sportsnet 650, Nov 24/17 (at 22:40)

Oracle Laura on CKNW AM980, May 15/16

Vancouver Film Production Crew interviews Oracle Laura

Journalists at Kwantlen College interview Orace Laura

Life Balance TV interviews Oracle Laura

101.9 FM CITR interviews Oracle Laura, Feb 11, 2016 (at 25:35 - 33 mins)

Evolution Radio 107.9 interviews Oracle Laura, Jan 28, 2016

Radio Show Paranormal Angels interviews Oracle Laura

CRY104FM interviews Oracle Laura (Perspectives: Oct 14, 2015 at 36mins)

Spaced Out Radio interviews Oracle Laura, Dec 27, 2015

Oracle Laura on CKNW AM980, Jan 25, 2015

Oracle Laura speaks at Moscrop High School, Feb 18, 2016

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Global News (& 2 other TV Stations) interviews Oracle Laura

Other Guest Appearances:

Twitter: @OracleLaura
Moscrop High School, Guest Speaker: Feb 18, 2016. (WATCH)
CITR 101.9 FM Vancouver Right: Feb 11, 2016 at 25:35mins.
Evolution Radio 107.9: Jan 28, 2016
Spaced Out Radio: Dec 27, 2015
CRY104FM Perspectives: Oct 14, 2015, at 36 mins
CKNW Radio, Sunday Night Sex Show: Jan 25, 2015 & May 15, 2016.
Inner Balance TV, 2014
Angel Wisdom Radio, 2014
Miss Canada Junior Miss Birthday Party: March 2014
Yelp Canada Halloween Staff Party: Oct 2013 (Gave 100 Psychic Readings in 2 hours!)
Art Expo: Summer 2013
SPIDS: Summer 2013
Holistic Institute, Guest Speaker: March 13, 2013 (See below)

Vancouver Holistic Institute on West Broadway/Ash had me as a guest speaker on March 13, 2013. They introduced me to 3 classes then invited any interested students to stay after school for my workshop if they wanted. I was happy when 30 students came in & sat down & at least 10 more who could not stay after school asked for my business card & were sad they could not stay for it. The workshop was a complete success. Students stayed over 1 extra hour after it already finished to ask me even more questions. So many raised hands of questions. They kept me until 4pm! Even more approached my desk to ask me questions as I tried to leave! I'm glad I brought enough business cards. One of my best workshops ever! They've invited me back for the Fall semester so I'll be giving another workshop at the college in September.


I give speeches at convention centers, theaters, hotels, resorts, schools, colleges, community centres, neighbourhood houses & retreats. 

(In some cases I sometimes offer free speeches for colleges, schools, retreats, hotels, and some organizations. Enquire for more information.)

I give speeches on the following topics:

-Childhood Abuse
-Destiny, Fate, Karma
-Dreams Interpretation
-EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)
-Guides Communication
-Haunted Houses
-Herbs/Homeopathic Medicine
-Magic Spells
-NDE (Near Death Experience)
-Psychic Ability
-Psychic Attack and Protection
-Psychic Detective
-Psychic Hands
-Psychic Tools
-Recovery (Addictions)
-Remote Viewing
-Rune Stones
-Self Hypnosis
-Spirits and Ghosts
-Tarot Reading
-Time Travel, Paradox

...Plus many other topics.

To schedule a speech, or to have me as a guest speaker, or to receive a list of upcoming venues, call me, or email me at: (oraclelaura at

PREDICTIONS: Here's just a few major events I dreamed about before they happened & posted on my Facebook page, then they came true after & made front page news headlines:

(For even more recent predictions see "Abilities")

-Aliens here about WW3 as leaders fight (Dream: April 8, 2017. Posted on Facebook: April 9, 2017. Came true: April 11, 2017 when 2 fighter jets of Ministry of Defence in Leeds UK intercepted a UFO that flew out of ocean. Many civilians heard a loud bang & feel the aliens are here because leaders are threatening WW3.)

Dream: (
-WW3 Nuclear War over oil & by Korea & Germans (Note that Trump's father was German & Trump is often referred to as Hitler). (Dreams: 1984, Sept 23, 2014, Dec 25, 2015, April 12, 2016 & July 10, 2016. Most posted on Facebook day after each dream. Came true April 2017, month of Aries God of War.)
Dream: Nuke Bomb: (
Dream: War Over Oil: (
Dream: WW3, Germany Bombs USA: (
Prediction that threat of WW3 starts in April 2017: (
Dream: WW3 is about Korea: (
-WW3 over Korea. (Dreams: April 2, 2014 & July 10, 2016. Posted on Facebook: April 4, 2014 & July 11, 2016. Came true: April 5, 2017 when news reported "World War III nightmare scenario brewing in the East China Sea", after N Korea sent off 2 test missiles on April 4, 2017 after Donald Trump told China to attack N Korea.)
Dream: WW3 Korea: (
Dream: Korean Consulate: (
-Man dies eating donuts in donut shop. (Dream: April 2, 2017. Posted on Facebook: April 3, 2017. Occurred April 2, 2017 but wasn't made public & made news until April 5. Travis Malouff died doing donut eating contest at Voodoo Donuts in Colorado.)
Dream: (
-South Carolina has my good luck & North Carolina wins basketball tournament. (Dreams: Aug 24, 2016 & March 18, 2017. Posted on Facebook: Aug 25, 2016 & March 19, 2017. Came true: March 26, 2017 when news reported "South Carolina's Magical Run Continues; Gamecocks clinch 1st Ever Final Four" but lost to Gonzaga on April 1. But on April 3, 2017 North Carolina beat Gonzaga to win the tournament. [Ironically 6 years ago I founded a mens basketball team.])
Dream 1: (
Dream 2: (
-Cop shot in neck in car lot outside Police Academy & 2nd building & wrapped in blanket to lay to rest. (Dream: March 28, 2017. Posted on Facebook: March 29, 2017. Came true: April 3, 2017 when Deputy Assistant Chief was shot in neck after pulling up his car to Harris County Courthouse, beside Police Academy & Jail in Baytown, Texas. He was airlifted to hospital but died.)
Dream: (
-High traffic bridge collapses by explosion. (Dream: March 26, 2017. Posted on Facebook: March 27, 2017. Came true: March 31, 2017 when bridge on Interstate 85 in Atlanta, Georgia collapsed after fire started in storage area containing construction supplies.)
Dream: (
-Suicidal teen girl with depression kills couple at home then does mass shooting & bombing at school. (Dream: Oct 17, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Oct 18, 2015. Came true: March 27, 2017 when 18 yr Nicole Cevario in Frederick, Maryland who suffers depression planned mass shooting & bombing at Catoctin High School for April 5 & to commit suicide after, but her parents found out. Only the location in my dream was different but proved very significant too.)
Dream: (
-Nuclear plant effects small town people most. (Dream: March 20, 2017. Posted on Facebook: March 21, 2017. Came true: March 26, 2017 when news reported small towns shocked by big nuclear plants closing in USA making many unemployed.)
Dream: (
-Chemical pollutes ocean marinelife. (Dream: March 24, 2017. Posted on Facebook: March 25, 2017. Came true: March 26, 2017 when Seattle plant spilled millions of gallons of sewage & council woman reported concern for marine life.)
Dream: (
-More attacks in UK coming so need to "Buckle Down". (Prediction: March 24, 2017, 2:_ _ pm. I tweeted it twice on Twitter to VPD Chief of Police & UK police. Came true: March 25, 2017 when a kids dance studio & other buildings exploded in Bebington, Wirral, Merryside of London UK & bricks flew everywhere.
Tweet 1: (
Tweet 2:

-People on double-decker tour bus attacked next. (Vision: March 24, 2017, 2:17pm. I told vision only to VPD Chief of Police as we discussed UK attacks of March 22. Came true: March 25, 2017 but was in Las Vegas, not UK.)
-Parliament building in London, UK attacked by terrorist, involves outdoor courtyard patio & outdoor patio of cafe  across street. (Vision: Nov 15, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Nov 15, 2015. I also told a FBI security/bodyguard friend of mine on LinkedIn on Nov 15. Came true: March 22, 2017 on the anniversary of the Brussels attack. I've never been to UK but VPD Chief of Police has & he verified the cafe in my vision exists in real life (Cafe Nero) & is indeed across from Parliament building!)
Vision: (
-Disney kids movies copied. (Dream: March 20, 2017. Posted on Facebook: March 21, 2017, 7:29pm [very busy day]. Came true: March 21, 2017, after 8pm when evening news hit that on March 21 Disney is being sued over Zootopia by Producer & Screenwriter Gary L. Goldman who pitched the idea to Disney back in 2000 & 2009 which Disney then copied.)
Dream: (
-Train incident/accident to be in news now. (Inner Message by Spirit of Kurt Cobain: March 16, 2:16 am. He then calls me "Buttercup". Posted on Facebook: March 16, 3:37pm. Came true: March 17, 2017, & made news March 18, when pregnant teen model Fredzania Thompson was hit & killed by a train in Texas during a photoshoot with her photographer, who escaped unhurt. She was engaged to Darrell Chatman.)
(Kurt's Message:
-Nazi who destroyed village in Poland caught hiding elsewhere & pretending to be (possibly Mexican). (Dreams: Nov 12, 2016 & Feb 12, 2017. Posted on Facebook: Nov 13, 2016 & Feb 13, 2017. Came true: March 13, 2017 when news reported Poland found 98 yr Nazi commander Michael Karkoc hiding in Minnesota, USA so being extradited back to Poland.)



-Man & woman soak body in tub of ice. She teaches him how to do it since he's new to it.

(Dream: March 3, 2017. Posted on Facebook: March 4, 2017. Came true: March 9, 2017 when ex-cop in Tennessee & his wife were arrested for beating & torturing his 2 teen sons & giving them ice baths for several months. He's testifying against her; their stepmom.)


-Two Canadians killed in nightclub in Mexico, 2 worked security, woman among the dead, festival event, electronic music. (Dreams: Jan 13, 2017 & Jan 15, 2017. Posted on Facebook: Jan 14, 2017 & Jan 16, 2017. Came true: Jan 16, 2017 when 5 people died in Blue Parrot nightclub shooting in Playa del Carmen, Mexico during 10 day Electronic Music Festival event. Two Canadians among the dead; one was Kirk Wilson from Hamilton who was working security. an Italian & a Colombian were among the dead. Of the 5 dead one was a woman trampled as trying to exit.)
(Dream 1:

(Dream 2:

-Sears & Kmart close many stores. (Dreams: June 6, 2013, Dec 14, 2015 & Oct 17, 2016. Posted on Facebook the day after each dream. Then Dec 28 heard inner message "Gotta get to Kmart" from movie "Rainman" so I watched the movie & posted about it Dec 28 at 12:58 to my fans on my Laura King Facebook page. Came true: Jen 5, 2017 when news announced Kmart closing 108 stores & Sears closing 42 stores in 40 states.)

(Sears blackout:

(Sears catalogue:

(Sears & Nordstrom location closes:

-Carrie Fisher & her mom Debbie Reynolds both die & my daughter (who I watched "Postcards from the Edge" with many years ago) is sad about it. (Dream: April 17, 2016. Posted on Facebook: April 18, 2016. Came true: Dec 27, 2016 after I spent Xmas with my daughter Dec 24-26 & warned her Carrie Fisher wouldn't survive her heart attack. Then on Dec 28, 2016 Debbie Reynolds had a stroke. Hours later she died also)


-Alan Thicke enters the afterlife & meets me on TV talk show he produces (as Candice Bergen watches?) & he admires my legs. (Dream: Oct 27, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Oct 28, 2016. Came true: Dec 13, 2016 when Alan Thicke died of a heart attack while playing hockey.)


-Levi Strauss has issue about sale of his jeans. (Dream: Nov 24, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Nov 25, 2016. Came true: Dec 1, 2016 when news reported Levi's CEO warned customers not to carry guns into Levi stores after a customer doing so got injured when the gun fired/went off in store).


-Plane in South America heads North to mountains & crashes. Many dead. (Dream: Oct 27, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Oct 28, 2016. Came true: Nov 29, 2016 when plane carrying Brazil's soccer/football team heads North to play in Colombia crashed in mountains.)


-Female gymnast performing on spinning Ferris Wheel gets injured. (Dream: Nov 17, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Nov 18, 2016. Came true: Nov 26, 2016 when Olympic gold metallist gymnast Lisa Skinner performed as acrobat in Brisbane, Australia on Cirque du Soleil's spinning "Wheel of Death" when she fell 5 meters to stage below & was taken to hospital.)

-Conflict with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. (Dream: Nov 12, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Nov 13, 2015. Came true: Nov 12, 2016, exactly one year later when President-elect Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin try to make amends between USA & Russia, after Obama & Putin conflicted.) (PROOF:

-Pedophile serial killer keeps young woman captive to care for his small trailer on flat rural property & kills biker family. (Dream: Oct 25, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Oct 26, 2016. Came true: Nov 4, 2016 when young maid was found held captive by serial killer Todd Kohlhepp in storage container on such property in South Carolina after he killed her bf & other persons. Then on Nov 12, 2016 he also confessed to the unsolved shooting deaths of 4 people at motorcycle shop 10 yrs ago.) (PROOF:

-Donald Trump becomes President of USA. (Dreams: Mar 16, 2016, Aug 15, 2016 & Sept 6, 2016. Posted online each morning after dream. Came true: Nov 8, 2016.) (PROOF:

-Chicago Cubs win, by 1 then paint the town red. (Dream: Sept 30, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Oct 1, 2016. Came true: Oct 11, 2016 when Chicago Cubs beat San Francisco Giants 6:5, winning the series, 3 games to 1, then again Oct 23, 2016 when Chicago Cubs beat Los Angeles Dodgers & make it into the Baseball World Series for 1st time since 1945, then yet again on Nov 2, 2016 when Cubs beat Indians by 1 [8:7] to win the world series!) PROOF:


-Massive Rainstorm, Pacific Northwest Coast. (Dream: Oct 7, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Oct 8, 2016. Came true: Oct 14, 2016.) (PROOF:

-Woman gets killed running along train platform to avoid oncoming fast train. (Dream: Sept 25, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Sept 26, 2016. Came true: Sept 29, 2016 when Pascack Valley Line train crashed into Hoboken Train Station in NJ, killing 1 woman on the train platform & injuring 108 others.)

-Hillary Clinton has stroke or heart attack like symptoms, is taken to hospital & gossip news imply she shouldn't continue with USA presidential race. (Dream: June 11, 2016. Posted on Facebook: June 12, 2016. Came true: Sept 11, 2016 while Hillary Clinton was at 9/11 Memorial Service. Doctors later diagnosed her seizure symptoms as pneumonia.) 

-School football player dies during game. Hurts to raise his arm. I tell him of having tossed football with my ex who's 1/2 Native & 1/2 black. (Dream: Sept 6, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Sept 7, 2016. Came true: Sept 10, 2016 when Texas highschool junior football athlete 17yr black male Chase Lightfoot died from heart complication during a game on Sept 9.)

-Plane crash death. (Prediction: Aug 27, 2016 5:30pm. Posted on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter: Aug 27, 2016, 5:32pm. Came true: Aug 29, 2016 when TV star of "Ice Road Truckers" Darrell Ward died in plane crash along with pilot, while on way home to film pilot episode about recovering plane wrecks.)

-Solo Black Female Singer such as Rihanna or .... shows up at awards ceremony in long silverish shiny metallic gown & big angel wings. (Dream: Aug 20, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Aug 21, 2016. Came true: Aug 28, 2016 when Beyonce wore that outfit & wings to VMA awards & it made headline news.)

-Baby grey whale dies after seperated from mother. (Dreams: Dec 23, 2015, Jan 21, 2016 & Aug 10, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Aug 11, 2016. Came true: Aug 23, 2016 in Cowichan Bay.)

-Racecar driver dies driving fast in red Indy racecar. (Dream: Nov 16, 2015 [& July 3, 2016 dream of Bodine/Modine racecar driver crash in Hawaii?]. Posted on Facebook: Nov 17, 2015. Came true: Aug 7, 2016 when Bryan Clauson, who drives #88 red Indy racecar, died in car race. Engaged to fiance Lauren Stewart.)

-In Rio many people die, including a woman who dies from head injury, because of fire from sun. (Dream: July 22, 2016. Posted on Facebook: July 23, 2016. Came true: Aug 6, 2016 when 51yr female architect got shot in head by 3 muggers as she drove by Olympic Flame.) (PROOF:

-Many people killed in France during fireworks. (Dreams: Nov 12, 2014 & March 17, 2015. Came true: July 14, 2016 when in Nice, France a middle eastern male from Tunisia, Africa armed with guns purposely plowed into crowds at Bastille fireworks celebration with long white delivery truck.) (PROOF:
-Man steals church tithes in Canada. (Dream: July 9, 2016. Posted on Facebook: July 10, 2016. Came true: July 14, 2016 when pastor Father Amer Saka in London, Ontario stole $500,000 from 20 victims who donated to help Syrian refugees settle in Canada.)

-Workman gets decapitated while working in apt bedroom while 2nd workman there. (Dream: June 24, 2016. Posted on Facebook: June 25, 2016. Came true: June 30, 2016 when a man Thoresen tied up, beat, stabbed then decapitated his 20yr "buddy" Haiman, who worked at employment center, for allegedly raping Thoresen's girlfriend in the apt. Haiman was reported as missing on June 25!)

-2 or 3 train employees dead in fiery crash between 2 fast freight trains in rural farm-land area. (Dream: Dec 27, 2014. Posted on Facebook: Dec 28, 2014. Came true: June 28, 2016 when 2 freight trains in rural Panhandle, TX hit head on in fiery crash, killing 3 of their crew members. 3rd body unrecovered.)

-Headline news of criminal case involving "Alice in Wonderland" & children on June 23. (Inner messages: June 23, 2013. Posted on Facebook "Laura King" page: June 23, 2013. Dream: Feb 14, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Feb 17, 2015. Came true: June 23, 2016 (exactly 3 years later on same day!) when a man with military weapons & combat gear entered movie theater in Viernheim, Germany during "Alice & Wonderland", "Jungle Book" & "Central Intelligence" & he fired 4 shots & threatened the audience of over 50 people.)

-Cleveland Cavaliers beat Golden State Warriors to win NBA championship. (Dream: May 8, 2015. Posted on Facebook: May 10, 2015. Again predicted: late May 2016. Tweeted: June 10, 2016. Dream: June 17, 2016. Posted on Facebook: June 18. Came true: June 19, 2016) (PROOF: (PROOF: (PROOF I even predicted it over 1 year ago:

-USA Beauty Pageant Contestant Samantha dies. (Dreams: June 13 & June 14. Posted on Facebook: June 14 & 15. Came true: June 16, 2016. Former Miss USA contestant Samantha Edwards was found dead in her home.)

-Pittsburgh Penguins win Stanley Cup. (Predicted in 2015 for over 1 year so I kept viewing LinkedIn profiles of Dan Bylsma, ex coach of Penguins & of Penguins Owner Mario Lemieux. Then May 2, 2016 to NHL on Twitter I tweeted I sense Penguins will win. On Facebook I posted it June 2. Came true: June 12, 2016.) (PROOF: (PROOF: (In 2015 I also predicted & posted on FB that Blackhawks will win Stanley Cup & they did! See June 2015 below.) 

-Brunette man angry at males shoots people in bar in Orlando, Florida. (Dreams: June 1, 2016 & June 10, 2016. Posted on Facebook: June 2, 2016 & June 11, 2016, 12:08noon. Came true: June 12, 2016 when Afghan man with ties to ISIS shoots 50+ people dead in gay bar in Orlando, Florida.) (

-Man drowns in his red car in deep water. (Dream: May 28, 2016. Posted on Facebook: May 30, 2016. Came true: June 6, 2016 when man in Canberra, Australia drowned in his red car in a flood.)
-Small plane crashes, Vancouver. (Vision: June 5, 2016, 7:13am. Posted on Facebook: 7:21am. Guided to area of Mission, etc: June 5, 2016, 12noon. Saw planes, talked about planes & getting my pilot licence, saw eagles twice, silver balloon flying away, then passed thru Mission around 7-8pm. Came true: June 5, 2016, 7:30pm when small plane with 3 people aboard went missing enroute from Mission to Pemberton, BC.)

-Paris Floods. (Dreams: May 24, 2016 & May 31, 2016. Posted on Facebook: May 25, 2016 & June 1, 2016. Came true: June 3, 2016.) ( & (
-Johnny Depp's life unravels & reflects his movie Sweeney Todd. (Dream: May 17, 2016. Posted on Facebook: May 18, 2016. Came true: May 26, 2016 when Johnny Depp's new wife of 1 year, Amber Heard [who he left his wife Vanessa for], alleged domestic violence from Johnny Depp [& she filed for divorce May 22, after he got drunk & abusive on May 20 after his mom died] & on May 27 Amber filed for & got restraining order against him.) (
-Walmart stocks increase. (Dream: May 15, 2016. Posted on Facebook: May 16, 2016. Came true: May 19, 2016 when Walmart stocks increased by 9%.)

-Plane Crash of Egypt Air soon after departs Paris airport for Egypt. (Prediction: May Friday 13, 2016 when guided to UBC lookout overlooking YVR then to 3 eagles 3 separate locations. This happens to me each time a plane will crash soon after departs airport. Posted on Facebook personal page "Laura King": May 13, 2016. Came true: May 18, 2016 when Egypt Air carrying 66 passengers crashed into Greece ocean after departed Paris for Egypt.)

-Possible Cure for Zika Virus. (May 15, 2016 before bed I asked Universe for cure for Zika Virus. Dream: May 15, 2016. Posted on Facebook: May 16, 2016. On May 17, 2016 a doctor friend researched the cure given in my dream [Bixon] & found that drug exists [aka Ceftriaxone] & is used for such epidemics stated in my dream.)
-Fire in White Rock. (Dreams: Apr 29, 2016 & May 5, 2016. Posted on Facebook Apr 30 & May 6, 2016. Came true: May 15, 2016 when apt complex being built caught fire & spread to houses nearby, leaving 100's of homeowners homeless, says Mayor Wayne Baldwin.)

-Sharks vs Predators, Game 7; Sharks win & by 5 goals. (Prediction tweeted reply on Twitter, May 12, 2016, 2:32pm & again 2:32pm, & on Facebook 2:34pm. Came true later that night. Sharks won 5:0)



-St Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars, Game 7; St Louis Blues win. (Prediction tweeted reply on Twitter, May 11, 2016, 1:35pm & 3:12pm. Came true later that night.)



Miami Heat vs Raptors, Game 4; Heat wins it. (Prediction tweeted reply on Twitter, May 9, 2016, 5:11pm & 5:12pm. Came true later that night.)



-Raptors vs Heat; Raptors win by close game. (Prediction tweeted on Twitter, May 5, 2016, late afternoon. Came true: May 5, 2016, pm.)

-Fire in ALL of Fort McMurray & sister dies. (Dream: May 2, 2016. Posted on Facebook: May 3, 2016, 2:53pm. Fire came true: May 3, 2016, 4pm. On May 4 the 15yr sister, a triplet & daughter of the Deputy Fire Chief, died there in fiery car crash when they hit a logging truck. Then on May 5 ALL of Fort McMurray was in flames so ALL evacuated.)

-Boy missing off trail in park's forest. (Dream: April 26, 2016. Posted on Facebook: April 27, 2016. Came true: April 30, 2016 when 2yr old Issac Leuenberger went missing off trail of Premier Lake Provincial Park, BC. On May 1, 2016, 10:36am I called Crimestoppers with info I had even though I sensed he'd be found soon & okay. At 7pm I read online he was now found, just off the trail like in my dream & indeed was okay.)

-San Jose Sharks beat Predators after Predators beat Anaheim Ducks. (Posted prediction on Facebook: April 27, 2016, 9:26am. Came true April 27 pm when Predators beat Ducks, then San Jose Sharks beat Predators.)

-Predators beat Anaheim Ducks April 27, 2016 but it's a close game. (Posted prediction on Facebook: April 27, 2016, 9:15am PST. Came true later that night. Predators beat Ducks 2:1) (

-Musician Prince dies on same day Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday. (Dream: April 13, 2016. Posted on Facebook: April 14, 2016. Came true: April 21, 2016.) (

-Male Suicide Bomber kills families at Fairgrounds in Pakistan. (Dream: March 21, 2016. Posted on Facebook: March 22, 2016. Came true: March 27, 2016 when male suicide bomber killed 67+ and injured 300+ family members at fairground in Pakistan. Likes: 2200+) (

-Missing Boy Chase Martens in Manitoba missing for 5 days will be found dead in a river inlet. (Posted on Facebook: March 25, 10:24am. Late afternoon I called Crimestoppers & gave them this info (& who's responsible for the boy's death) then emailed it to Manitoba RCMP. Few hours later I sensed the boy will be found soon now & deceased, so posted that info. Came true: March 26, 9:30am when they found his body in a creek's drain pipe.)

-Belgium bombings on day Rob Ford dies. (Rob Ford & City Hall Bomb Threat Dream: Aug 7, 2014. Posted on Facebook: Aug 8, 2014. Came true: Aug 11, 2014 when Rob Ford becomes ill & leaves office. Posted video on YouTube: Aug 15, 2014. Then almost 2 years later in Jan-Feb 2016 a friend asks to take me to Germany. I keep telling him I want to go to Belgium also. Early March 2016 I tell him of man I know in Belgium who works in high position in City Hall. March 16 & 20, 2016 I have 2 dreams about Germany, then on March 21, 2016 I dream of male Middle Eastern Suicide Bomber. All came true: March 22, 2016 when Rob Ford died of cancer, then 2-3 male suicide bombers killed 34 in Belgium. (YouTube video:

-Toronto Maple Leafs beat Buffalo Sabres in March 19 game. (Predicted: March 19, 2016, 5pm pst or so when I saw game on TV at Vera's Burgershack in Kits when score was 1:0 for Buffalo. Posted prediction on Facebook: March 19, 2016 at 5:45pm pst. Came true at 6:31pm when in 3rd period Toronto scored a 3rd goal & soon after they scored a 4th & won the game.)

-Vancouver Whitecaps beat Seattle Sounders in March 19 game. (Predicted: March 19, 2016, 9am or so when heard morning news about the upcoming game & that Whitecaps have been having a long losing streak, but I didn't post my prediction until I saw soccer game start on TV at Vera's Burger Shack in Kits. Posted on Facebook: March 19, 2016 at 5:44pm pst. Came true when game ended, but didn't hear the final score until morning of March 20.)

-Plane crash at airport. (Inner Messages: March 17, 2016. Posted messages on Facebook: March 18, 2016 but on my "Laura King" personal FB page & only told client witness it means plane crash. Came true & made news headlines: March 19, 2016, plane from Dubai crashed at Moscow airport on landing killing all on board.)

-Earthquake March 18, 2016. (Vision of earthquake: Feb 9, 2016. I had accurately predicted so many earthquakes in Nepal that I just naturally assumed the vision's location was Nepal. So I just asked my Guide for the date of when it'll happen. He said "March 18". Posted on Facebook: Feb 10, 2016. Occurred & made news headlines: March 18, 2016, but was local in Port Hardy BC, not Nepal as I had assumed.)

-Chinese male cop, distracted female driver pulled over by cops (13 times) in Richmond. (Dream: March 9, 2016. Posted on Facebook: March 10, 2016. Occurred & made news headlines: March 11, 2016.)

-Woman killed when tree falls on her house in rainstorm. (Dreams: Feb 29, 2016, March 5, 2016 & March 9, 2016. All posted on Facebook next day. Occurred & made news headlines: March 10, 2016.)

-Randy Meisner of The Eagles kills his wife. (Many messages about Eagles nonstop since Feb, all posted on Facebook, then dream March 6, 2016 about senior male's eagle metal. Made news headlines: March 7, 2016.)

-Chinese woman trapped in elevator for 1 month & dies. (Dreams: Feb 22, 2015, Jan 6, 2016 & March 3, 2016. All posted on Facebook next day. Occurred & made news headlines: March 7, 2016.) 

-Mcdonald's vain & men fight outside Mcdonald's. (Dream: March 3, 2016. Posted on Facebook: March 4, 2016. Occurred & made news headlines: March 5, 2016 when in UK a mob of youths attacked cops outside Mcdonald's with acid, & in Australia staff of Mcdonald's suffer 3rd degree burns so sue owner, & in Brazil Mcdonald's being probed for economic crimes. All 3 made March 5 news!) (

-Margaret Trudeau is honored by women. (Dream: Dec 21, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Dec 22, 2015. Occurred & made news headlines: March 3, 2016.) (

-Lee Reherman will die, be found by his girlfriend & his death is a mystery. (Dream: Feb 28, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Feb 29, 2016. Occurred & made news headlines: March 2, 2016.) (

-Justin Trudeau will be Prime Minister of Canada. (Dream: Oct 26, 2013, 2 years prior! Posted on Facebook: Oct 27, 2013. Occurred & made news headlines: Oct 2015, 2 years later!) (Also notice in this Oct 26, 2013 dream I predicted Philippines would be hit with a disaster, the typhoon 12 days before it occurred) (

-Plane Crash Nepal just after takeoff, plane from Canada, all dead. (Message: Feb 16, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Feb 17, 2016. Occurred & made news headlines: Feb 24, 2016. Plane imported from Canada crashed in Pokhara, Nepal just 8 mins after takeoff, all dead. Then on Feb 26, 2016 a 2nd plane crash in Nepal. 11 people on board. Both pilots dead. 9 injured.)

-UBER Car CEO. (Dream: Feb 5, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Feb 6, 2015. Occurred & made news headlines: Feb 16, 2016: News announced CEO of UBER to visit Vancouver to attend TED Talks, then on Feb 20, 2016 a driver for UBER, Jason Dalton shot 6 people dead in mass shooting in Kalamazoo, Michigan.) (

-Canucks play Calgary Flames next, in Calgary & Calgary wins. (Prediction: Feb 19, 2016, morning. Posted on Facebook: 5:27pm. Occurred & made news headlines: Feb 19, 2016, game started 7pm.)

-Pedophile High School Teacher. (Dream: Feb 16, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Feb 17, 2016. Occurred & made news headlines: Feb 18, 2016: Teachers Brother John Spalding of Saint Joseph's Catholic High School in Middlesex, NJ, USA, & Grade 3 Teacher Claude Paquette, Montreal Que & Regina Sask, Canada both charged with child pornography.)

-Mexico Border. (Dream: Feb 8, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Feb 9, 2016. Occurred & made news headlines: Feb 18, 2016, when Donald Trump vowed to build wall along border of Mexico/USA border.)

-Twin Males Die From Speed. (Dream: Jan 30, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Jan 31, 2016. Occurred & made news headlines: Feb 9, 2016; Evan & Jordan Caldwell, Calgary, Alberta) (See Jan 30 dream on Facebook)

-Germany Train Crash. (Dreams: Jan 21, 2016 & Feb 5, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Jan 22, 2016 & Feb 6, 2016. Occurred & made news headlines: Feb 9, 2016.) ( and (Also see Feb 6 on my Facebook page.)

-Broncos Win Superbowl. (Prediction: Feb 6, 2016, morning. Posted on Facebook: Feb 7, 2016, 4:26pm after guided to pub where game had just started. Occurred & made headlines: Feb 7, 7:30pm.) (

-Nepal Earthquake, February 5. (Dream: May 31, 2015. Posted on Facebook: June 1, 2015. Inner Message: Jan 5, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Jan 5, 2016. Occurred & made news headlines Feb 5, 2016.) (Likes so far: 4223+ and 4189+) (Also, Page Likes tripled in just 1 week)  ( and (

-Zika Virus. (Dream: Dec 16, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Dec 18, 2015. Occurred & made news headlines: Jan 30, 2016.) (

-David Bowie tells me he's going to die. (Dream: Oct 16, 2013. Posted on Facebook: Oct 19, 2013. Occurred & made news headlines: Jan 10, 2016.) (Likes so far: 87 and 102+) ( & (

-Prince Hamdan of Dubai travels to Vancouver. (Dream: Jan 3, 2016. Posted on Facebook: Jan 4, 2016. Occurred when he announced he's in Whistler, BC: Jan 4, 2016.)

-Earthquake in Victoria & Vancouver. (Dreams: Nov 1, 2015 & Dec 22, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Nov 2, 2015 & Dec 23, 2015. Occurred & made news headlines: Dec 29, 2015.)

-Basketball Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon dies. (Dreams: May 8, 2015, Sept 9, 2015, Sept 29, 2015 & Dec 25, 2015. Posted on Facebook May 10, Sept 10, Sept 30 & Dec 26. Occurred & made news headlines: Dec 28, 2015.) ( (Also see Sept 30 & Dec 26 on my Facebook page)

-Steven Harper jokes Justin Trudeau is "The Lamb". (Dream: Dec 15, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Dec 16, 2015. Occurred & made news headlines: Dec 25, 2015. They announce Justin Trudeau was born on Xmas Day.) (

-Eggs Explode. (Dream: Dec 5, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Dec 6, 2015. Occurred & made news headlines: Dec 14, 2015. (See Dec 6 on my Facebook page)

-Ocean storm Vancouver Island, ferries cancelled. (Dream: Dec 10, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Dec 11, 2015. Also Tidal Wave, Cruise Ship Dream: Nov 29, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Nov 30, 2015) Occurred & made news headlines: Dec 12, 2015. (See Dec 11 on my Facebook page) & (

-Beijing, China's pollution 10x times over safety level so on Red Alert. (Dream: Dec 3, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Dec 4, 2015. Occurred & made news headlines: Dec 7, 2015.) (See Dec 4 on my Facebook page)

-Redhead kids bullied at school in Boston for being freckled redheads. (Dreams: Aug 20, 2015, Oct 29, Nov 4, Nov 16 & Nov 24, 2015. Posted on Facebook next morning after each dream. Occurred & made news headlines: Nov 27, 2015.)

-Man wants to plant bomb on plane & airport. (Dream: Aug 14, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Aug 17, 2015. Occurred & made news headlines: Nov 18, 2015. Two planes on way to Paris, France diverted due to bomb threats.)

-Female bomber caught in France. (Dream: Feb 10, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Feb 12, 2015. Occurred & made news headlines: Nov 18, 2015.)

-France Terrorist Attacks. (Dream: Sept 27, 2015: Auditorium hostages shot by many gunmen. Posted on Facebook: Sept 28, 2015.  
( Aug 14, 2015: Airport bomber, red, blue & white pens. Posted on Facebook: Aug 15, 2015. Dream: June 27, 2015: Red, blue & white balloons, families running. Posted on Facebook: June 28, 2015. Dream: My daughter suggests I travel to Paris, France [still trying to find that dream in my dream books]. Plus many other bomber dreams. All these occurred & made news headlines Nov 13, 2015.)

-UFC Ronda Rousey will lose to Holly. (Prediction: Nov 12, 2015. Made news headlines Nov 15, 2015.)

-Kansas City Royals win Baseball Series. (Prediction: Oct 22, 2015. Posted on LinkedIn: Oct 23, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Oct 28, 2015. Made news headlines: Nov 1, 2015.) (

-Hurricane Patricia in Mexico won't be as bad as people fear. (Prediction posted in comments on LinkedIn: Oct 23, 2015, early afternoon. Made news headlines: Oct 24, 2015 morning.)

-Kansas City Royals beat Toronto BlueJays & so Toronto BlueJays are out of playoffs. (Prediction: Oct 14, 2015. Posted on Facebook Oct 14, 2015. Then again on Oct 23, 2015 morning. Posted on LinkedIn: Oct 23, 2015 early afternoon. Made news headlines: Oct 23, 2015 after 5pm game.) 

-Toronto Blue Jays will do well this baseball season but won't make it in the playoffs. (Inner Message: Oct 14, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Oct 15, 2015. Made news headlines: Oct 23, 2015.) (

-Jim Carrey's girlfriend commits suicide after their breakup. (Dream: Aug 28, 2015 [Also see Jim Carrey's baseball movie dream April 5, 2015]. Posted on Facebook: Aug 29, 2015. Made news headlines: Sept 29, 2015.)  
(Also see Jim Carrey's baseball movie dream April 5, 2015:

-Reality TV Show Ghost Adventures' Mark and Debby Constantino die in daughter's home. (Dream: Sept 17, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Sept 19, 2015. Made news headlines: Sept 24, 2015.)

-Girl abducted from house, father killed by young man last name "_______ski" (Dream: Sept 7, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Sept 8, 2015. Made news headlines: Sept 14, 2015, Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette abducted from her house by Derek Saretzky after he killed her father in their home.). (

-Queen Elizabeth surpasses Queen Victoria on Sept 9 as longest reigning Monarch of UK. (Dream: Sept 4, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Sept 5, 2015. Made news headlines: Sept 6, 2015. Facebook Post Likes: 62)

-Boxer (Wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka) beats girlfriend to death but she now stands strong and victorious. (Dream: Aug 31, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Sept 1, 2015. Made news headlines: Sept 2, 2015. Facebook Post Likes: 25)  (

-Killer Dentist (my 3rd dream about him) (Dream: May 1, 2015. Posted on Facebook: May 2, 2015. Made news headlines: July 1, 2015. Facebook Post Likes: 521) (Also see March 28, 2014 Dentist & Killer Couple dream, & see Dentist's Home Office, School Bus dream also posted on Facebook.)

-Whitney Houston's daughter Kristina dies. (Dream: January 27, 2015. Posted on Facebook: January 31, 2015. Made news headlines: July 27, 2015. Facebook Post Likes: 32)  (

-Nepal's April 25 Earthquake death toll increasing from 5000 to 8000. (Prediction: April 29, 2015, when death toll was at 5000. Posted on Facebook: April 29. Death toll reached 8000 & made news headlines: May 11. Facebook Post Likes: 4513)  (

-ISIS Terrorists Poisoned Meal, 45 Die. (Dream: July 5, 2015. Posted on Facebook: July 6, 2015. Made news headlines: July 9, 2015. Facebook Post Likes: 3214)  (

-FIFA: South (USA) wins FIFA World Cup in Vancouver as grey clouds cover sky (forest fires smoke!) (Dream: Jan 22, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Jan 25. Occurred & made news headlines: July 5. Facebook Post Likes: 1644) (

-Japan beats England in FIFA game July 1, 2015 (Prediction: July 1, 2015, 5:20pm. Posted on Facebook: July 1, 5:23pm. Occurred & made news headlines: July 1, late pm. Facebook Post Likes: 1554)

-Terrorist Attack in Tunisia, Africa (Dream: June 24, 2015. Posted on Facebook: 
June 25. Occurred & made news headlines: June 26. Facebook Post Likes: 835)  (

-Tornadoes in Chicago (Dream: June 22, 2015. Posted on Facebook: June 23. Made news headlines: June 23 & 27. Facebook Post Likes: 782)

-Cause of GermanWings plane crash in French Alps (Dream: March 24, 2015. Posted on Facebook: March 25. Cause found & made news headlines: March 27. Facebook Post Likes: 52)  (

-Fire near Seattle Washington (Dream: Feb 8, 2015. Posted on Facebook: Feb 10. 
Occurred & made news headlines: June 29. Facebook Post Likes: 20)

-Flood in Kamloops, BC (Vision: July 1, 2015, 4:34am. Occurred & made news 
headlines: July 1, 6:31am (Very soon after! Didn't even get time to post it yet! Posted on Facebook: July 1, 9am. Facebook Post Likes: 11)

-Church Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina (Dream: June 11, 2015. Posted on 
Facebook: June 12. Occurred & made news headlines: June 18. Facebook Post Likes: 13)  (

-Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup (Prediction: June 5, 2015. Posted on 
Facebook: June 5. Occurred & made news headlines: June 16. Facebook Post Likes: 11)  (

-Bus & Tow Truck Crash on Coquihalla Hwy (Dream: June 18, 2015. Posted on Facebook: June 19. Occurred & made news headlines: June 27. Facebook Post Likes: 10)

-Escaped Convicts, New York (Prediction: June 19, 2014 [yes 2014]. Uploaded on 
YouTube: June 21, 2014. Occurred & made news headlines: June 8, 2015 [one year later]. Facebook Post Likes: 4)

-Forest fires in Prince George area (Dream: May 8, 2015. Posted on Facebook: May 10. Occurred & made news headlines: May 11. Facebook Post Likes: 2)

Other Recent Predictions:

-Eddie Lack traded, then Kevin Bieska traded, then Phil Kessel.

-English Bay oil spill, California oil spill & False Creek oil spill  (

-BB King's death

-U2 Edge falling off stage  (

-Murder Suicides in Mission, Chilliwack & Saskatchewan

-Robin Williams suicide

-Spain School Murders  (

-Calgary's Nathan O'Brien's death (For proof see my YouTube videos and read my book "Oracle Exposed")

-Mothballs in Food Bank Candy  (

-Egg Farms infected with Asian Bird Flu

-Wild Salmon infected with PRV  (

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