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The Orion constellation is named the "Hunter". It is located near the Taurus constellation (above Taurus in the north sky, and below Taurus in the southern sky).

The Belt of Orion has 3 stars, nicknamed the "Three Marys".

Located near Orion is the constellation The Great Dog (Orion's dog) (which in ancient Phoenician times had been named the Phoenix). The largest star in this constellation is Sirius. It is in fact the brightest star in our solar system (note that souls are drawn to light). It is the closest star to Earth; 8.6 light years away. 8 is the number of Isis, and Sirius is the star of Isis.

Sirius has 2 small stars; Sirius A and Sirius B. They rotate around each other in a spiral motion which creates an entwined DNA style pattern. They rotate 23 times per minute. This creates a huge magnetic field.

The number 23 has even greater significance in our solar system. The most sacred holiday in Egypt is July 23; Dogon New Year. Sirius is nicknamed the "Dog Star" ("Dog" spelled backwards is "God"). The hottest days of summer are from July 23-August 23 (and up until September 8) and are nicknamed "the dog days of summer".

Africans believe Sirius to be the axis of the Universe and that all souls and matter (DNA) are created by it's spiral rotation. Thus Genesis means "Gene of Isis".

The colour of DNA is red and blue. Red = blood. Blue = God. These two colours are always used to portray Gods, super humans, and superheros (ie: Hindu Gods, police, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, the flag of USA, etc).

The 3 Marys of Orions Belt and Sirius stars are aligned with the 3 Giza pyramids in Cairo, Egypt (also see: Astrology). These same stars are also aligned with the 3 pyramids astronauts have found on the planet Mars.

The great pyramid was built so that Sirius shines thru a hole and down into the Queen's chamber.

In Egypt the star Sirius is also called Sothis who is a Goddess. She is sometimes called Sopdet or Wadjet. The son of Horus is protected by Goddess Sothis/Sopdet. The eye of Horus is called Wadjet. The heiroglypth of Sirius/Sothis/Sopdet is a star with a triangle beside it.

Orion is called Osiris (or Sah) in Egypt. Osiris is Isis's husband.

Astronomers have seen evidence that there might also be a 3rd star (Sirius C) located near Sirius B, but those who study Sirians (the belief that aliens who created us humans reside on Sirius and will return for us who are enlightened, such as in the movie "Knowing", in 2012) believe there to be in fact 5 stars. Since Sirius A and Sirius B rotate 23 times it is interesting to notice that 2+3=5.

Number 2 = duality/team/partnership.

Number 3 = divinity/holy trinity.

Number 5 = higher level of spiritual learning.

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